Smartwatch 4Fit

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Smartwatch 4Fit
P 67 waterproof bluetooth smart watch phone mate for iOS and Android

Basic information:
  1. Material: PC machine+TPU strap
  2. Bracelet size: 50mmm*24mm*11.6mm
  3. Strap size: 235mm*24mm*11.6mm
  4. Sync: Bluetooth 4.4

  1. Call reminder: display caller/sender id
  2. SMS: show contacts and hte content of SMS of the phone
  3. Time display: yes
  4. Application notification: Show content of  Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Sedentary reminder: yes
  6. Find your phone : yes
  7. Camera remote: yes
  8. Pedometer: yes
  9. Calorie burned display: yes
  10. Step display: Automatically records the number of the steps
  11. Distance travelled display: yes
  12. Sleep monitor: yes
  13. Heart rate monitor: yes
  14. Blood oxygen monitor: yes
  15. blood pressure monitor: yes
Smartwatch 4FitSmartwatch 4FitSmartwatch 4Fit

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Smartwatch 4Fit